We don't have to

lock horns, do we?

For Teams and For Individuals

Most of our office conflict

is avoidable

What happens when there is unnecessary conflict at work?

To individuals


Strained silence

Heated tempers

Silos and cliques





Poor performance​




In the business and team

Less chat and laughter

Tense atmosphere

Quality drops

Client complaints

Performance management

Discipline/Grievance hearings

Wasted time

Output drops

Team disharmony

Blame culture

Sickness absence

Turnover costs/disruption

Office Conflict

Manage it. Reduce it.

Avoid it.


Workshops and Short Seminars


To instil the skillset and introduce the mindset


One-off or combined into a bespoke programme


Ideal for young professionals, new and returning managers and general refresher


 Group Coaching, Facilitation &

1-2-1 Executive Coaching


Identifying and working on the real  issues


For more experienced leaders, managers and professionals


Developing the right mindset, sharing and 'drawing out' ideas

One-off sessions (including urgent requests at short notice) or a bespoke programme


Any questions? Queries?

Go right ahead and just ask

You can email or telephone using the details at the top of the page

or send a message using this form


On-site professional support


Working alongside you with clear objectives and boundaries


Ideal for supporting new/returning managers and dysfunctional teams

Sometimes an independent presence can be helpful

External Facilitator for challenging meetings/away-days


 Reaching agreement

out of a stalemate


Where a conflict has become entrenched or reached a deadlock, an independent facilitator or mediator can help

Parties must agree to work hard to reach agreement

My background in Employment Law can offer new insights  

Conflict Confidence online

3 *free* videos

'Conflict Confidence'

Brand New Programme

Online freebies

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Benefits of developing your

Conflict Confidence

BOOST interpersonal skills and assertiveness

ENHANCE leadership and management capabilities

IMPROVE team relationships, harmony and productivity

'Conflict Convos'
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